SimServe Modbus Device Simulator


  • SimServe is a Modbus device simulator, sometimes referred to as a Modbus slave simulator. With minimal configuration, it acts as a simulator for Modbus RTU slaves, Modbus ASCII slaves, and Modbus TCP slaves.

  • Connect SimServe to any Modbus Master such as a SCADA system or PLC, and SimServe will respond to Modbus requests as if it were the real slave device.

  • Use SimServe to simulate a sophisticated Modbus network with different gateways and a mix of Modbus protocol variants. SimServe will handle the Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, and Modbus TCP conversions.

Use Cases

Simulate a single Modbus device

Say you’re developing a SCADA program that must communicate to a Modbus slave device, and you don’t have a physical Modbus device to connect. Connect your program to SimServe instead!

Simulate a complicated network of Modbus devices

You’re developing a SCADA system that will communicate to several field controllers across a complicated network like this one:

Setting up a physical replica of the network for development is out of the question, but you still need some way to verify communication during development. Use SimServe to simulate the network and field devices like this:

Now your development environment matches production, there’s no need for extensive configuration tweaks during deployment, and you’ve eliminated serious startup risk!

Modbus Capabilities

Supported Function Codes

  • 01 (0x01) Read Coils
  • 02 (0x02) Read Discrete Inputs
  • 03 (0x03) Read Holding Registers
  • 04 (0x04) Read Input Registers
  • 05 (0x05) Write Single Coil
  • 06 (0x06) Write Single Register
  • 07 (0x07) Read Exception Status
  • 15 (0x0F) Write Multiple Coils
  • 16 (0x10) Write Multiple Registers
  • 17 (0x11) Report Server ID
  • 43/14 (0x2B/0x0E) Read Device Identification

Supported Protocol Variants

  • Modbus RTU
  • Modbus ASCII
  • Modbus TCP/IP


Device Management


Easily create and manage multiple devices


Generate a custom tailored register list and modify values as desired.

  1. Easily create and manage multiple devices
  2. Generate a custom tailored register list and modify values as desired.

Download SimServe

Click the link below to download SimServe. After download, install SimServe and run the application. You’ll be prompted to activate SimServe which requires purchase of a license.

Purchase SimServe

Price per License: $75.00

Licenses are non-transferrable. If different users in the same company are using the software, multiple licenses must be purchased. After you complete your purchase you will receive an email with a license key that can be used to access the software.


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